Soft Services


Soft Services

Al Maarifa’s Soft Services scope of work offers diverse solutions to enhance your facility’s atmosphere. Our status as a top soft services provider is built on our consistent commitment to comfort and safety.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services ensure pristine interiors and exteriors, using eco-friendly products and energy-efficient equipment. We offer deep cleaning services with minimal disruption, maintaining year-round cleanliness for all client properties.

Pest Control

We collaborate with expert pest control specialists for effective large-scale pest control services. Our partners focus on prevention, using environmentally friendly methods to ensure community safety and minimal pesticide usage.

Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services combine aesthetics with practicality. Our landscaping contractors professionally maintain hedges, flowerbeds, and plantations to improve tenant retention and visitor attraction, resulting in increased property asset value.

Waste Management

Our all-encompassing waste management in the UAE focuses on sustainable practices. We assess, plan, and execute waste disposal, ensuring legal compliance and minimizing environmental impact.


We partner with the best lifeguard companies in the UAE to deliver services that prioritize safety within aquatic facilities. Residents and visitors can indulge in safe and enjoyable swimming experiences.