Energy Management


Energy Management

At the forefront of energy management, our certified energy managers at Al Maarifa use innovative energy management systems to revolutionize your facility’s energy efficiency and lessen your environmental impact.

Energy Conservation

Committed to energy conservation management, we strategically reduce your facility's energy use. Our initiatives focus on sustainable practices, boosting efficiency and reducing the environmental impact.

Chiller Retrofit

We upgrade cooling systems with our targeted chiller fitting services. By retrofitting energy-efficient components and smart controls, we significantly cut your energy use and operational costs.

BMS Command Centers

Our BMS (Building Management System) Command Center provides a centralized control platform for your building. This BMS system allows for real-time monitoring and data-driven optimizations of systems for energy efficiency.

Energy Audits

We uncover hidden inefficiencies with our in-depth building inspections, analyzing energy use and infrastructure health. Our professional inspection services then guide you with tailored actionable and cost-saving recommendations.